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FlamLINE®100 is a torchable waterproof expansion joint that is used with torch applied roofing and waterproofing membranes. FlamLINE®100 waterproof expansion joint system is used for waterproofing expansion joints in structures, such as commercial and industrial buildings, parking garages, tunnels, etc. FlamLINE®100 is specifically designed to accommodate building movements, up to 4” [100 mm].

FlamLINE®100 is manufactured from a proprietary co-polymer with polyester reinforcement for thermal stability. FlamLINE®’s superior qualities allow for monolithic seam vulcanization, tri-directional movement and high fire resistance. The adhesion to the waterproofing membrane sheet is torch-welded. The torchable membrane is heated and the liquefied asphalt penetrates into the FlamLINE® dimpled surface for a homogenous bond. FlamLINE® is compatible with torchable asphaltic membranes, as well as self adhered membrane.

All detailing is factory manufactured to suit site specific requirements. FlamLINE® is delivered to the job site in one continuous roll for the project. All seaming is a proprietary vulcanization process, which results in monolithic and elastic seams. Seaming can also be done on site if required.

The flat profile of the torchable waterproof FlamLINE® expansion joint is unobtrusive to finishes and allows for free flow of water over the joint.

Hydrostatic Pressure Limit: Working Pressure in Column of water is 33 ft [10 m].


FlamLINE®100 waterproof expansion joint system is specifically designed to be used with torch down modified bitumen membranes. Typical uses include:

• Roof Expansion Joints
• Sub Grade (Waterproofing) Expansion Joints
• Plaza Deck Expansion Joints
• Parking Garage Expansion Joints
• Protected Roof Membrane Expansion Joints
• Tunnel Expansion Joints
• Vertical Wall Expansion Joints
• Bridge Expansion Joints
• Building Closure Joints
• Roof Control Joints


FlamLINE®100 Waterproof Expansion Joint is recommended for use with:

• 2 Part Epoxy Resin
• Modified Bitumen (Torched)
• Self Adhered Membranes

FlamLINE®100 Waterproof Expansion Joint Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet