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SITURA supplies three basic types of expansion joints, each for a particular type of application, namely:


RedLINE®: for Asphalt and Coal Tar based membranes. Specially designed to bond to asphalt.

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flamline_productFlamLINE®: for Torch Applied asphalt based membranes. Torch grade expansion joint which can withstand the high temperatures of a roofing torch.

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aqualine_productAquaLINE®: for Potable Water containment structures. FDA Certified and pharmaceutically pure.

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Chemical Resistance of SITURA Waterproof Expansion Joints

SITURA manufactured expansion joints are specially formulated to provide chemical resistance against the most common roof and underground effluents. RedLINE® and FlamLINE® have excellent ozone, aging resistance and Chemical resistance to:

  • Polar Solvents
  • Alkalis and Acids
  • Water and Steam
  • Saline Solutions