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SITURA Expansion Joints

The SITURA joint waterproofing system has a number of distinct advantages over current existing types of expansion joints such as bellows type joints, prefabricated metal joints, bunched up membrane or membrane over a backer rod type joints.

The advantages of the SITURA waterproofing over these and other systems can be grouped broadly into two categories Economic and Technical:


1. Eliminates the need for building expensive wood curbs and metal flashings in roofing applications.

2. The SITURA system is laid down and installed in minutes, with minimal preparation time and skill required, resulting in significant labor savings to the contractor.

3. The SITURA joint waterproofing system is supplied in one piece for the entire project, and is ready to be installed immediately


1. Provides a flat zero profile waterproofed joint, without obstructing the flow of water across the joint.

2. System is custom tailored to specific site conditions, including difficult areas to detail and waterproof such as; inside and outside corners, “T” joints, “X” joint intersections, curved joints, multilevel joints, etc.

3. Flat expansion joint system has the capacity to move in all three planes simultaneously, i.e. horizontally, vertically and transversely, while remaining flat.

4. No complicated calculations are required since the joint is flat and in the plane of expansion/contraction. The only measurements required are clear center to center distances between fixed points.

5. In roofing, flat expansion joint material is installed between the roofing plies of BUR and Modified Bitumen in a flood coat of asphalt. Result is that the waterproofed joint is an extension of the actual roof membrane, with no flashing plies or special detailing required.

6. Flat expansion joint system forms a continuous uninterrupted waterproofing solution from the start of the expansion joint to its termination, which can be in a different part of a building for example underground. The zero profile of SITURA expansion joints allows it to traverse across any building surface from inside to outside, above or below grade.

7. Expansion joint waterproofing is made continuous with the same expansion capability along its entire length. Any seaming in the SITURA joint waterproofing is as flexible and has the same elongation as the base expansion joint material itself.

8. Seams found in the expansion joint system are all vulcanized under factory controlled conditions, (site seaming is possible through the use of a special portable vulcanizing press system). The vulcanization process provides the best method of joining pieces of joint waterproofing material. No glue, tape or caulking is used, therefore a watertight maintenance free waterproofing solution.

9. The flat, expansion joint end termination accommodates movement in all three directions there is no warping, curling or wrinkling at the joint termination.

10. Flat expansion joint is laid down at the roof membrane level over insulation leaving no void space for condensation to form.

11. No metal fasteners, therefore no possibility of thermal bridging or additional thermal heat losses.

12. Expansion joint’s zero profile is no trip hazard on the roof, and is not affected by normal roof traffic.

13. Versatility of the SITURA system allows it to change installation substrate types easily (e.g. from a modified bitumen surface to a concrete substrate) with no interruptions in the waterproofing barrier