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RedLINE®Tie-In is a dual roof membrane tie-in system. It effectively solves the problem detail of single ply roof membrane connections to other incompatible roof systems. The RedLINE®Tie-In material is specially formulated to provide a long term performance solution to cross roofing system compatibility, specifically Built-Up-Roofing, Coal Tar Pitch, Modified Bitumen, Hot Rubberized Asphalt, Spray Polyurethane Foam, Liquid Applied Membrane and Epoxy Resin.

The advantages of using RedLINE®Tie-In -in include the elimination of wood curbs, metal components such metal flashing, nails and screws, caulked or glued seams resulting in significant labor savings. The flat profile of the RedLINE®Tie-In also does not obstruct the flow of water to drainage resulting in the elimination of ponded water. RedLINE®Tie-In is manufactured from a saturated elastomer which is chemically stable and has excellent resistance to weathering.


The RedLINE®Tie-In can be used in variety of situations, when incompatible roofing materials have to be Tie-in.

• BUR/Single Ply Roof Tie-in
• Modified Bitumen/Single Ply Tie-in
• Coal Tar Pitch/Single Ply Tie-in
• Protected Roof Membrane Assembly Tie-in to a regular exposed roof


RedLINE®Tie-In is designed to be used for:

• No restrictions as to ponding water or direction of water flow against seam laps
• Flat profile
• Waterproof, vulcanized seams
• Any detailing and unique shapes possible
• Compatible with single plys along with either Built-Up-Roofs (BUR), Modified Bitumen, Coal Tar Pitch,
..Liquid Applied or Sprayed Polyurethane

Material Safety Data Sheet

RedLINE® Tie-In Waterproof Expansion Joint Data Sheet