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Location of Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are typically found in the following key locations: the roof, the building’s walls, above and below grade. Reasons for their requirement at these locations can include the following:

1. Changes in deck direction

2. Changes in deck type (e.g. a concrete deck abutting a steel deck)

3. Re-entrant building corners

4. Large buildings exceeding 200 feet [61 m] in length or width

5. Additions built abutting existing structures

6. Areas requiring isolation from vibration

7. Buildings with extreme movement (e.g. freezer buildings)


A properly designed joint must remain waterproof and weather tight for the service life of a building. The SITURA waterproof expansion joint system solves this dilemma.

Unlike other products which are “covers,” SITURA joints act as both an expansion joint and waterproofing. The monolithic factory vulcanized seam allows for the same elasticity at the seam as anywhere else on the joint, thereby making a SITURA joint watertight. SITURA joints are installed flat in all applications. The flat profile of the expansion joint does not obstruct the flow of water to drains.

SITURA joints can be installed in virtually any type of roofing or waterproofing system above or below grade, vertically or horizontally. A SITURA expansion joint is installed in minutes, and incorporates site specific prefabricated details, from the simple (waterproofing straight joints), to the most complex (incorporating curved shapes, material and plane changes). There is no limit to the length of the material. Therefore, the cost savings are very significant, as no wood curbs, nailers or metal flashing fabrication, or site splicing is required.

One of the main advantages of the SITURA waterproofing joint system is that it is installed on the surface of the building expansion joint and waterproofs the joint from a position of access. The system can be installed on a wide variety of substrates including concrete, wood, metal or even plastic.